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Enable Copilot on Office Desktop Applications

Copilot Integrated in O365 Applications for a Dollar a DayI have had an Office 365 E3 license the using OneNote, Outlook, Excel pretty much any day I work and other Office applications for years. I especially like OneNote which had the tantalizing Copilot icon dimmed: I finally decided the time is right to get Copilot. Step one was buying the license which took a couple of tries. At first, Microsoft said it was not available in my tenant, then a refresh showed the $360 one-year Copilot license.

Access Denied on Restricted View

The Problem An issue hit my desk yesterday that some users were getting access denied when trying to open an Excel file in O365 while other users could see it. The file was in a document library where Members were granted “Restricted View” access meaning they can view, but not print nor download Office files including Excel files. Owners had full access to the files. When some users tried to open the .

Hello Again - Notes on Site Move

Welcome again to the blog. This is still running on Hugo, but after considering how to get recent posts onto my main site, I decided to just incorporate my main site into the blog where it is so much easier to include blog posts anywhere I like in any format I like. I hope to make “cards” for posts on the home page whenever I have a moment to do some more development.

Power Automate - Send Email to Multiple People Picker Recipients

If you want to send an email to people in a multi-person field from the output from the SharePoint Get Items action, Power Automate says, great, let’s just loop through your list of people. However, you can easily inadvertently wire up the apply-to-each to your get SharePoint items output and end up with 100 x 100 = 10,000 actions which is over the current low limit for many tenants. This will send an email out. I received this from one of our clients from a Flow someone else had written:


Using Azure Application Insights for SWA Statistcs - Part 1 - Setup


Want to see which pages on your site are the most popular? Static Web Applications (SWA) like those generated by Hugo (see Create New Hugo Blog Site in Azure SWA) and any site that can add Javascript to content can send details to Azure where you can view details through many different lenses. For low volume sites, the cost is under a US$0.01 per month.

App Insights also can provide visibility in other metrics such as
  • Unique user counts
  • Users’ page paths through your site to identify high engagement areas and exit points
  • Internal and external referring pages
  • Page load times
  • Sites’ uptimes

O365 Classic Stream Migration


Microsoft has defaulted videos being stored in SharePoint documet libraries which have a superior feature set relative to the Classic Stream experience. As I write this, we are in the final weeks of support for Classic Stream which is scheduled to be turned off April, 15, 2024 after a postponement from Auguest, 2023. I think they mean it this time.

OneDrive for Business Sync Move

Consider this scenario. You have linked two document libraries to OneDrive and you need to copy content from one to the other. When copying content between network drives back in the “old days”, you could drag and drop the folders and files to copy from the old to the new. But when they are both sync’ed to your local harddrive?


Add Custom Domain to Azure Static Web App


If you have an Azure Static Web App created and want to use a custom domain on a domain registered hosted outside of Azure, follow these steps. For example, here is how I created using some of the screen shots from Add Custom Subdomain to Azure Static Web App. These have the light background. Azure grants up to two custom domains per static web app including an SSL certificate which means the site works using the encrypted HTTPS protocol. It is very easy and very free, an amazing value. Prerequisites

  1. Azure Static Web Site hosted in your Azure account
  2. The ability to update DNS records via your domain’s DNS server including TXT records.

Port Web Site to Azure SWA

HTTrack logo

Part of my move to Static Web Apps was to move some older sites. I hope to do some via Hugo, but the goal for now is to get off of the old Windows 2003 server which is serving and even straight-up *.asp pages. The key is to use HTTrack to convert the sites to striaght HTML.

For my first try at this, I followed Microsoft’s quick start used the Azure extension in VS Code to create the static web app, but this does not allow you to specify the resource group. My preference is to create the SWA via Azure itself. The process below does not require the Azure extension in VS Code.

  • GitHub account
  • Azure subscription
  • Visual studio with Git and Powershell installed