High-Quality SharePoint, Teams, O365 Consultants and Analysts in Boston metro or remote including Administration, Development

About Bullseye Consulting

Our agile team provides analysis, design and delivery of comprehensive web-based solutions for business, educating our clients on each step as needed. We specialize in tailoring Microsoft O365, SharePoint and Azure, taking advantage of its rich feature set where possible, and providing custom solutions where necessary. Our role may be to complement an existing technological team or to work as the sole developers.

Other Web Applications

´╗┐Employee Intranets Dashboards and Portals
External Corporate portals and web sites - secure extranets
Document management with check out and versioning
Create dynamic web content from your databases
Use a web browser for secure data entry into your database.
Business Intelligence Reports
Microsoft Partner

Blog Posts


Welcome to the blog, an extension of my old blog which you can see here. The legacy blog ran using WSS (Windows SharePoint Services) back when you could expose a public web site on SharePoint. I have scraped it to HTML and am retiring that dynamic site. Here, I can share my growing pains in the transition to using Hugo to create the content that I’m hosting on an Azure Static Web App including this site written with the Hugo Static Site Generator.